Call of Duty Mobile Hack And Cheats To Get Unlimited Free Points & Credits Now

call of duty mobile hack

Call of Duty Mobile Cheats

Call of duty mobile is free to play a first-person shooter game that is exclusively designed for mobiles. The game has been developed by TiMi Studios and Tencent games and is publishes by Activision.

The game has taken the world by storm because of its fantastic gameplay. There are different kinds of currencies, and you have to follow some simple call of duty mobile hack and cheats to grab these resources for making your gameplay better.

The game has been released on 1st October, and since then, it has over 100 million downloads by android and iOS users, and it becomes one of the favorite games all over the world.

Presently the game has two multiplayer modes i.e., Multiplayer and battle royal. Here in this article, you will get some legit cheats and hacks about how to hack call of duty mobile.

The game is not like any other first-person shooter game because there is a lot of scope for the player to do much more than other famous shooting games.

You have to choose from classes like scout defender, ninja, a medic, etc. because every class has its own unique boost that you can use for your benefit.

If you want to survive in the game for a longer period, then you must go through the article and follow the legit call of duty mobile cheats that makes your game more adventurous.

Before we start with our topic, I want to mention the truth behind COD mobile hack tools, which are illegal, and one should stay away from fraud.

List of Top 10 Call of Duty Mobile Hack & Cheats For EveryOne

1. Daily Log in Rewards

Daily login rewards are one of the simple cheats for call of duty mobile because you will get the rewards without making many efforts.

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You will get goodies for logging in to the game regularly. If you log in to the game regularly, the daily logins will give you much better and special rewards that include weapons, crates, operator skills, soldiers, perks, credits, and much more.

Whether you play the game or not, but make sure to come back every day and claim for you daily login rewards.

2. Complete the Tasks

Tasks are the short term missions to finish in multiplayer, and if you use this cod mobile cheats, then you will be rewarded with the battle pass experience to help you to unlock battle pass tiers.

Take a look at the tasks assigned to you by clicking on the battle pass in the main lobby and then click on the 2nd tab on the top of the screen. There are two kinds of tasks i.e., daily and weekly.

If you done with the task, you can see a red color button will be displayed on the tasks tab & battle pass button.

Return to the task tab and tap on the claim button in front of the completed tasks for collecting the rewards that may also include free COD points.

3. Take Part in Events

Events are missions for a limited time period so it is necessary to finish the particular task within the time limits for that specific event. Events are meant to be difficult, but if you use this call of duty mobile hack, then you will earn exclusive rewards after finishing the events.

4. Play in Multiplayer or Royal Battle Matches

Playing in multiplayer and royal battle matches is one of the excellent COD mobile hack to earn the credit that is the in-game currency in the game.

You can use the credit to purchase multiple things like crates, soldiers, and weapons, which are required for playing the game.

5. Upgrade to premium pass

COD points are one of the in-game currency that is very important for purchasing the various items in the game. Many players are worried about how to get free COD points in this game then upgrading to the premium pass will give instant access of 8000 COD points and also access to the premium reward stream.

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Besides this, you can also unlock the elite tasks with this pass, and you can view it by tapping the second tab at the top of the battle pass screen.

6. Join the Clans

Clans are the groups that help you in this game. Joining the clans is one of the great call of duty mobile cheats that will help you to earn experience bonus.

You have to be at level five to join the clans. Clans will cater to a particular game mode preference, or even they can set to have no preference and open for all the game modes.

You can filter the available clans by using game mode dropdown list at the top of the screen. If you have no preference, then choose all.

This call of duty mobile hack will also help you to set level requirements. In other words, clans may select to require all members to be at least level 25 as an example.

7. Watch Advertisements

Watching advertisements is one of the useful call of duty mobile hack to earn Crates. Crates are one of the ways that will make you able to obtain weapons and cosmetics in call of duty mobile outside of battle pass or premium battle pass rewards.

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You can also get crates from daily logins and by participating in special events, but using this call of duty mobile cheats is the easiest way from all others.

8. Leveling Up

Leveling up is one of the amazing call of duty mobile cheats that will give you a lot of freebies like credit points, coins, crates, and much more other rewards as well.

So, keep on playing and grab as many rewards as you can that will help you to survive for the longer period in the game.

9. Link Your Facebook Account with the game

If you want to play the game on more than one device and you want to save your progress in the game, then linking the Facebook account to the game is a fantastic call of duty mobile cheats.

10. Utilize the Scorestreaks Immediately Once You unlock them

You will get the scorestreaks at the combat, and whenever you will get this, use it immediately, especially if received all three available. By using this call of duty cheats, you can grab points because scorestreaks don’t stack.

What is The Truth Behind Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK & Coins Generator?

Call of duty mobile mod apk and generators are illegal and not at all reliable. You have to be very careful and stay away from such unlawful practices.

Call of duty mod apk’s and coins generators may be harmful to your device as they contain the virus and may hack your game account.

These generators first promise you to provide unlimited resources without any human verification. But, once you download such files from illegal sites, they used to ask you for personal details such as name, email id, game account details, but please don’t provide such information to any of such fake sites it may hack your game account.

Disclaimer: The only way to get “UNLIMITED” resources is by paying real cash. The game store will provide you maximum resources in minimum expenses. There are no such resources that will help you in the game for a lifetime. You can’t even get the unlimited resources by following our tips and tricks also.


Here we have covered all the legit call of duty hack and cheats that will help you to grab more and more rewards in this incredible game.

We have already discussed reliability and truth about the generators and call of duty mobile aimboat and mod apk’s.

Go through the article and share your gaming experience by using these COD mobile hack. Share your views with us in the comment box.

Stay connected for more updates. Till then, goodbye!

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