Minecraft Earth Hack And Cheats : Get Unlimited Free Rubies Now

minecraft earth hack

Minecraft Earth Cheats

Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality game developed by Mojang. Minecraft Earth will take you to a world you can build, play, destroy, and find everything around you and by turning a real-world into the gaming world.

Minecraft is compatible only for the ios device, Android7 and version higher than that. Since the time of its beta testing, it has made gamers all around the world curious. To know more about this new creation of Mojang, keep reading the article till the end and learn about the Minecraft Earth Hack of the gameplay.

12 Minecraft Earth Cheats And Hacks To Earn Free Rubies

How to Get Minecraft Earth Unlimited Rubies

The game does not support any of the processes that can give you Minecraft earth unlimited Rubies for free. You can make in-app purchases to get them. Nonetheless, you need to know how to hack Minecraft earth to collect all the rewards from the game.

Minecraft earth mod apk is the one thing from which you must keep a safe distance. You can get banned for using such apk files. Play the game from authenticated source and get Minecraft earth free rubies ios.

1. Change Characters

Just like any other game, Minecraft Earth also allows you to change the Characters the way you want. You will have multiple options for Characters from which you can choose how you want to look. But Minecraft earth hack apk does not provide that liberty.

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However, everything comes with a cost, and so does the characters.  When you want to choose a Character of your desire, you need to spend some in-game currencies. In the beginning, you will get some Character free, but for the later upgradations, you will require to allocate some Minecraft earth free rubies.

2. Craft Your World

Mojang always works to give its users something unique and exciting. The game allows the users to build their own Minecraft World using the various plates available on the list.

Here, you can choose different plates to build whatever you want and by collecting various items from your neighbourhood. You can design, destroy, burn, remove, and add anything you want using the AR technique. Crafting is the best Minecraft Earth Hack revealed so far.

3. Collect Mobs

Mobs are virtual animals or creatures which you have to collect during the game to build your world. You can find these mobs around your neighbourhood and places you visit most often. If you want to receive different Mobs, the best Minecraft Earth Hack is to play chests and who knows what you will get as a reward.

Turn your neighbourhood into your virtual world and start looking for the mobs. The more you collect and unlock the Mobs, the more will be your rankings. To unlock Mobs, you have to spend some Minecraft earth free rubies and keep them upgraded from time to time.

4. Collect Tapables

Tapables are the items you collect during the game from all around your gaming world. The items you receive and unlock are automatically added to the Inventory which you can use later for the building.

All the items are hidden in your neighbourhood, and you have to find them through Minecraft Earth Hack. You will have to play chests and collect these tapables.

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There will be different resources waiting for you to collect by clearing a chest. Collect how many items you can, as these will help you create a big building how you want.

5. Fill the Inventory Carefully

All the items and mobs you collect will go straight to your Inventory. Here you will find all your resources which you can use later for building your Minecraft world. There will be enough space for you to keep your items in the Inventory, but you have to use Minecraft Earth Hack to keep enough space for new things to collect.

Do not keep items for too long in the Inventory. Instead, keep using the tapables now and then, so you can have functional space for the upcoming things to be unlocked. It is one of the best Minecraft Earth cheats.

Cluttering your Inventory with unnecessary items will result in having no room. In that case, you might have to lose a valuable thing you can claim, or you have to buy new space by spending some real money which no one wants to do mostly.  But if you can, then you can fill it how much you want.

6. Choose Plates

In Minecraft, you will have the Minecraft Earth Hack to choose among the various Plates available in the list to craft your building.  There are plenty of options available in the game which will keep dropping at frequent intervals. Choose whatever you like and start crafting your building.

7. Choose the Size of Your Gaming Area

A unique factor about this game is users can choose how much area they want to play. Gamers have the opportunity to play from little to a large area.

Choose the place you want to play in and select it through your device once you are done with your creations. Enjoy the Minecraft Earth cheats by going inside it and admire the wonders of your virtual world.

8. Add Friends

Minecraft Earth allows you to enjoy the game by adding your friends. Here, you can also play with your friends. Having many friends is best of Minecraft Earth cheats in the game. There are a lot of benefits of playing with friends like you can share the resources. You can give your Resources to your friends, and in return, you will also get rewarded.

9. Enter the Arena

Mojang has come up with a creation where you can admire the beauty of your conceptions of the virtual world by going inside it. The AR mode of the game allows you to go inside the game and play the game like you are present at that place. All the available Minecraft Earth Hack for any best Augmented Reality is already in this game.

You don’t have to view the beauty of the game from outside, and you will have the chance to go inside the arena and play everything how you want.

10. Upgrade Levels

Upgrading levels is a crucial Minecraft Earth Hack as it is for every other game. Since the game is quite a lot more interesting, the users usually think that playing and scoring in Minecraft is very easy. But it is not so. Clearing a level is not as easy as it seems to be.

There are various barriers and hindrances in the game which you have to pass and save your character. You can use Minecraft Earth cheats in these places. To upgrade levels, you also require your characters and resources to be well upgraded. The more upgraded resources and characters you will have, the higher will be the chances of clearing levels.

11. Discover Your Creations

Your creation is not limited to the place you have created. You only build the place, but the surprises are yet to be discovered. You have to save your mobs from the upcoming dangers and to save them from dying. You need to use Minecraft Earth cheats to keep them protected.

Keep yourself aware of all the activities going inside like the underground passage can open suddenly, and your character is about to step inside or any other events.

12. Keep Grinding

Since the game has recently been launched and many people are not very much comfortable to understand the game entirely. The best Minecraft Earth cheats to earn more points is to keep playing the levels again and again.

Start playing the level again so you can understand all the unknown facts about the game. But never play the game with Minecraft earth hack apk. Keep playing the level once you discover all the hidden features of the game and earn maximum rewards of the level. But most importantly, do not forget to enjoy and game. Only scoring higher is not essential, games are made to be enjoyed, so it is better to play it for enjoyment.


So here are all the basics about the Minecraft Earth which you need to know before playing especially for beginners. The game due to its impeccable graphics and animations has become very popular for the game within a short period.

Many players are in search of Minecraft earth mod apk and believe that it will provide them Minecraft earth unlimited rubies. But the reality is they are all fake.

The game has just released, but gamers were looking forward to it even before the launch. For a better understanding of this game, we will come up with more Minecraft Earth cheats for gamers. Till then, start playing the Minecraft Earth and enjoy the game with your friends and team.

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