Free Fifa Coins : The Ultimate Fifa 20 Hack And Cheats

free fifa coins

Free Fifa 20 Coins

EA Sports have finally unveiled the much-awaited FIFA 20 for the users. The game is compatible over the platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the PCs. The developers have added a lot of new features and content to the game to give the users a wholly unique experience.

In this article, we are going to tell you some fascinating FIFA 20 Hack through which you can earn more resources. These Free FIFA Coins will be effective if you want to win the Champion’s league in the career mode, to maintain your rankings in Ultimate team, or to beat your enemy in the all-new Volta mode

Top 7 Free Fifa 20 Coins Hack And Cheats To Earn More Points

1. Use Strafe Dribbling Cautiously

In this FIFA 20 hack, we will tell you about one of the fantastic features of the FIFA 20 companion. The most awaited feature has been in the headline since the beta launch of the game. This one-on-one feature known as Strafe Dribbling mechanism gives the players a lot of new features for attacking their enemies.

The best FIFA 20 hack to earn free FIFA coins is to press the L1/LB, this way you can control the ball by moving down the ball. Another amazing FIFA 20 hack is to press the R1/RB down at the same point, this way you can lock your player down in the directing where he is facing.

Many of you make a mistake of searching over the internet on how to get free FIFA coins and how to get free FIFA points, but we recommend you not to waste your money and time using these  FIFA 20 cheats. Instead, use these legitimate tips and strategies and enjoy each feature of the game.

2. Jockeying is Better Than Dive-in

The FIFA 20 cheats are to follow the same trick you have been applying since the time while playing the on-field soccer that is, to do jockeying rather than dive-in. Jockeying will help your defensive player to keep on his toes at the goal side so that they can quickly take the goal whenever required.

The best FIFA 20 hack to earn Free FIFA coins is to learn the defensive skills by using the tackle button. The process may require a lot of patience, but once you get used to it, you will become the best defender. In this, you just have to push the tackle button to quickly snatch the ball away from the opponent, if they try to attack you.

3. Choose the Timed Finish for Long-Distance Shots

There have been many criticisms for the timed finish shots about being unfair. But for the long-range shots, this time-finished feature is the best FIFA 20 hack for earning free FIFA coins. This time-finishing was introduced in the year 2019 for the first time.

Similar to the NBA 2k20 timed finishing shots where you have to click the timed finish button at the right moment exactly. But, this one is not easy as it sounds, especially for the FIFA 20 companion.

It is recommended in this FIFA 20 hack that you should use the time finishing shot only when you are attempting a long-distance shot to earn free FIFA coins. Using it on a short or a medium distance shot does not seem appropriate.

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There are a lot of users who want to reach the higher levels quickly, and for that, they end up searching for websites like FIFA 20 cheats. But, let us make it very clear, that these sites are the non-legitimate site which can only ruin your online security and online reputation. Better stay away from these fake sites that have no answer to how to get free FIFA coins and use legitimate ways only.

This shot can help the users a lot to reach upper-90 for the long-distance shot. If practised well, it can be very much rewarding. But if you are not much comfortable, always feel free to skip it.

4. Knowing Your Players

Knowing your players is the most significant responsibility for a coach. In FIFA 20 companion, you need to know your players well if you want to earn more free FIFA coins. To make the most out of your team, you must know the strengths and the weaknesses of your players well. That way, you can easily decide which one is on the pitch and on which position they can play better.

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The most important attribute you need to focus on is Footedness. Another vital trick to earn free FIFA 20 coins is to concentrate on their heights. Speed, ball control and tackling are also a significant part that affects your player’s performances.  So it is highly recommended to check your player’s stats before kick-off in the game.

5. Keeping Your Shape

To earn free FIFA coins, you need to keep your form in the FIFA 20 companion. As there are small-sided matches like 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5, it is recommended to keep your shape better.  Usually player makes a mistake by sending their only defender left on the field. That’s when you give your opponents a chance to the goal.

The magic happens when you are playing 2×2, and you leave the other opponent free on one side of the field. The best way on how to get free FIFA points is to know much about your opponents. You should first and stay close to your opponents as much as possible.  Leave the opponent only when you see the sprinter going towards the goal.

6. Choose Different Passing Ways

There are enough ways of moving higher in the FIFA 20 companion. As it goes with the phrase, practice makes a man perfect. Try to use different methods of passing instead of using the same old ones. There are many ways you can choose to pass the ball in the game, and that will help in making the game more interesting.

If your players run past the defensive line by running, you can choose either the lobbed or on-the-ground through the ball.  For passing the stationary player, you can opt to use a standard pass. And for giving the shot to the player far, you can go for the driven pass.

7. Buying Coin Packs

There are a lot of packages offering coins and points in the FIFA 20 companion. You can choose whatever fits into your budget and earn coins by spending real money.

However, we never recommend you waste your money on buying these packs until and unless you are very comfortable with the prices. You can earn the coins using these FIFA 20 cheats also. It may take a lot more time, but you will reach there.

Fifa 20 Coins & Points Generators and Mod Apk – The Scam

While scrolling over the internet for finding tricks and hacks, many users bump into the websites promising FIFA 20 coins generators. But it is recommended to stay away from these sites as these sites are nothing but a bunch of fraudsters whose only intention is to steal away your online privacy or hack your details.

Before using any of the sites offering FIFA 20 coins generators, always check the authenticity of these sites and save your online details.


We have mentioned only the legitimate FIFA 20 hack tricks and strategies which only help you get all kind of skills and proceed higher in the game. Reaching the higher levels is a bit time taking, but it is always fun playing and enjoying every feature of the game. Once you learn the tricks well, the rest of the game will become much easier for you.

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