FIFA 20 Best Players: Top FIFA Players Ratings (Latest Data) – December 2019

fifa 20 best players

FIFA 20 is a part of the FIFA series of games that have been introduced by the EA (Electronic Arts) on the 27th of September 2019.

The players of the FIFA 20 have been searching for the FIFA best players ever since it is released. Before the original game release, the EA sports have been given a demo version of the game in which they have ranked the best FIFA Players for the team.

Here in this article, we are providing you with the list of best FIFA 20 ultimate team player rankings that will help you t make your team stronger and grab the victory in this game. We also have a great article on how to get free fifa 20 coins using simple game cheats which you might not know.

Go through the article and choose the best one suit for your team and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

List of the FIFA 20 Best Players

1. Lionel Messi


Pace 87
Shooting 92
Passing 92
Dribbling Ability 96
Defence 39
Physical 66

Lionel Messi is one of the FIFA 20 top players with 94 ratings and replaces Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 94 ratings in FIFA 19.

For many years Lionel Messi sharing the equal top ratings with Cristiano Ronaldo, but finally, in FIFA 20, he has been succeeded in jumping on the 1st position by breaking down his own records.

The player is from the Argentina team and always in the right-wing position. If you want to purchase Messi & add your team, then you must start the bid at least from £ 100M. If you are playing in Europe, the price of Messi is € 95.5m, and for players in the USA, it will be $ 107.9m.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


Pace 90
Shooting 93
Passing 82
Dribbling Ability 89
Defence 35
Physical 78

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most influential FIFA 20 players with 93 ratings. Cristiano is from Portuguese and has the incredible speed and shooting abilities.

If you want to purchase Cristiano Ronaldo in your team, then you have to pay £ 100M, and for the players who are playing the game from Europe and the USA, they have to pay € 58.5m and $66.1m respectively.

3. Neymar


Pace 91
Shooting 85
Passing 87
Dribbling Ability 95
Defence 32
Physical 58

Neymar is one of the best FIFA players. In compare to last season of FIFA 19, he was not able to play as much as he would have to play due to his injury, but in spite of this, he managed to maintain the FIFA 20 player ratings of 92.

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Neymar is from Brazil and can scare the other teams with his five star defending abilities. Neymar’s insane performing abilities make him worth keeping in your team. Neymar is well known for playing with both the feet.

4.  Eden Hazard


Pace 91
Shooting 83
Passing 86
Dribbling Ability 94
Defence 35
Physical 66

Eden hazard’s fantastic speed and dribbling abilities make him one of the top-rated FIFA 20 players, and he holds the 91 ratings in FIFA 20 games. He is a professional footballer from Belgium.

Post finishing the move to real Madrid, he has been missed from the very few weeks of La Liga due to his hamstring injury, but he returned with the same spirit.

Time is the best solution for everything, and time will show us how the Hazard can reproduce the same excellent performing abilities at Real Madrid. But his incredible FIFA 20 stats are reflecting his skills and assuring the players to keep him in their team.

5. Kevin De Bruyne


Pace 76
Shooting 86
Passing 92
Dribbling Ability 87
Defence 61
Physical 78

Kelvin De Bruyne next in the list of FIFA 20 best players who hold the 91 ratings in FIFA 20. In spite of his injuries, he is next to Neymar for keeping his records and stats well.

His injuries do not affect his records, and he is still one of the excellent midfielders in the world. Kevin De Bruyne is known as the star of Belgium and Manchester City.

Kevin De Bruyne is the right-footed player and also 4-star ratings in skill moves. If you got the Kevin De Bruyne card in FIFA 20, then you are fortunate because you are getting a rare card, so keep him in your team to win the game.

6. Jan Oblak


Diving 87
Handling 92
Kicking 78
Reflexes 89
Speed 50
Positioning 90

Jan Oblak is one of the best FIFA players from Slovenia and plays for the Atlántico Madrid and Slovenia national teams. He is the new goalkeeper introduced in the FIFA 20 after a constant drop of David De Gea. His FIFA rating is 91.

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If you take a look at his stats, then you will get an idea about his excellent goalkeeping skills and accuracy in positioning in between the sticks.

7. Virgil Van Dijk


Pace 77
Shooting 60
Passing 70
Dribbling Ability 72
Defence 90
Physical 86

Virgil Van Dijk is next in the list of FIFA 20 best players. Virgil Van Dijk has the 90 FIFA 20 ratings and stands on the 7th position in this list.

Virgil Van Dijk is a professional football player from Dutch and also known for his amazing defending abilities in the FIFA.

Virgil Van Dijk has remarkable statistics that will absolutely worth keeping him in your team if you are looking for the most reliable defender for your team.

8. Mohamed Salah


Pace 93
Shooting 86
Passing 81
Dribbling Ability 89
Defence 45
Physical 74

Mohamed Salah is one of the influential players from FIFA 20 who holds the 90 ratings in the game. He is one more Liverpool player who has maintained a place in the top 10 players of FIFA 20 after the success of the club’s champion’s league.

Mohamed Salah is the consecutive winner of the golden boot and proves he is efficient to be placed in the top 10 list of FIFA 20 best players

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian professional football player, and one of the must-have player in your team because you will really enjoy the gaming experience with him.

9. Luka Modric


Pace 74
Shooting 76
Passing 89
Dribbling Ability 90
Defence 72
Physical 66

Luka Modric is the professional football player from Croatia and holds the rating of 90 in FIFA 20 games. He is well known as an excellent midfielder.

If you keep him in your team, then he can work amazingly as attacking midfielder or defensive midfielder.

10. Marc-André ter Stegen


Diving 88
Handling 85
Kicking 88
Reflexes 90
Speed 43
Positioning 88

Marc-André ter Stegen is a professional footballer from Germany who has a rating of 90 in FIFA 20. He is one more goalkeeper in your team after Jan Oblak.

His stats are strong enough to keep him in your team, and he will definitely help you to win the game.

That’s all for the list of FIFA 20 best players. The entire list in the game based on the real gaming stats of the players that make the game more funny and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for much more exciting stuff. Till then, enjoy football gaming!

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