How to Download Minecraft Earth? All Questions Answered

how to download minecraft earth

Minecraft Earth, the altogether new dimension in the augmented reality game, is all set to take off. Early access to the game has been given to gamers of specific countries. The first early access has been allocated for the US and UK gamers.

In recent updates, the good news has landed on a few other countries. However, players have questions regarding Minecraft earth download, which we intend to clarify through this post.

Which Countries Have Early Access to Minecraft Earth?

Technically the game started preregistering from gamers across the globe, and based on that, the early access has been given to specific countries. Following is the list that has been given as the privilege of the game so far.


Australia Finland Italy New Zealand Spain
Austria France Japan Norway Sweden
Belgium Germany Luxemburg Philippines Switzerland
Canada Iceland Mexico Portugal United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland Netherlands South Korea United States


So if you are from one of the above countries and you wish to know how to download Minecraft earth, you need to follow this article.

System Requirement And Device Compatibility for Minecraft Earth

Before you get into the Minecraft earth download, you must be aware that your device must be aligned to the game. For android users, the Devices that you are using must have Android 8 and above.

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If you want to run the game, your device must have ARCore, which can be obtained if you have Android 8 and above. However, some devices having ARCore have been tested with the game, but the performances are not satisfactory. Following is the list of phones that have been marked by Microsoft having issues to run the game:

Xiaomi Redmi  Note  7 Pro Samsung Galaxy A70 LGE V30
Samsung Galaxy TabS3 Samsung Galaxy A30 LGE Nexus 5X
Samsung Galaxy J7 Motorola one LGE LG G6
Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro Motorola Moto X (4) Huawei Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy J5 Motorola moto g(6) Google Pixel XL
Samsung Galaxy A8+(2018) LGE V30+ Google Pixel
Blackshark Shark 1S


For iOS users, the game is compatible only with iOS12 or later. That means you must have iPhone 6s or the next generations play Minecraft earth.

For those who want to play the game in iPad Pro, you should have iPad Pro 3rd Generation or higher. When you have an iPad mini, you need to check whether that is 5th Generation or not for Minecraft earth download.  For IPad Air, it must be 3rd Generation or more, and IPad 7th Generation is only the compatible device for Minecraft Earth.

When you ensure that your device compatibility is checked and you have the right device to play Minecraft Earth, you can read the bottom part to know how to download Minecraft earth.

Minecraft Earth For Android Users

For all those android users who satisfy all the prerequisites stated above, here is the answer for how to download Minecraft earth in android.

  • You can download the Minecraft earth android app from Google play store.
  • Your device must have the google play store preinstalled and updated.
  • You must sign in with the google account to download the game from Google play store.
  • Search Minecraft Earth in Google Play Store and open the page.
  • The play store will automatically detect whether your device is compatible with Minecraft Earth or not. If it is compatible, then only you will find the install button.
  • Click on the install button and download Minecraft Earth in your device.

Alternatively, here is the link for Minecraft Earth Download for Android users. Click the link and install it from Google Play Store.

Minecraft Earth for iOS Users

Minecraft Earth is available in App Store if you are using the app store for one of the countries listed above. You can follow this link for Minecraft Earth Download for iOS users and go to the app store. You need to click on the install button and provide your apple id credential or biometric authentication. After that, Minecraft Earth download will automatically start in your device.

Stay Away From Minecraft Earth APK

If you search how to download Minecraft earth, you will find sites providing Minecraft APK. You can download the game from any of the authentic APK stores, you know. But if you are not from the countries listed, you can’t play the game.

However, there is a warning to stay away from APK files issued by the Reddit community stating its vulnerable effect. We suggest you stay away from the Minecraft Earth APK download as it may ban you from playing the game forever.  Instead, you can follow our Minecraft Earth Cheats to know how to play the game without spending money.

Final Words

For those who wish to play the game on PC, there is a possibility that the game will be available in Microsoft Stores in the Future. We expect that once the game is launched officially for all the countries, Minecraft Earth download from Microsoft store will also be enabled by the developer Mojang. So follow our articles to get more updates about the game.

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